Defining measures for narrowing the corruption in public procurements

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Domestic experts and representatives of the institutions and business community discussed the necessary measures that need to be taken in order to decrease the corruption in the public procurements area. The workshop was organized by the Centre for Civil Communications on 3 May this year, in the NGO Info centre. This was the first of six planned workshops that are part of the project that involves suggesting measures for narrowing the corruption in Macedonia.

On the workshop Vanja Mihajlova, d-r Vanco Uzunov and Zivko Temelkoski presented draft - measures and their expert opinion. Slavica Bogoeva represented the Chamber of Commerce of Macedonia, Petre Filiposki and Aleksandar Belev represented the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, Marina Velickovska and Sasa Jakovcevski came on behalf of the State Audit Bureau. Also present were Arif Musa as a member of the State Committee for Prevention of Corruption and Verica Jordanova from the business portal Total. Marija Popova Jovanovska and Emil Jancevski represented the Public Procurements Bureau.

The workshop participants supported the initiative of The Centre for Civil Communications for preventing corruption in public procurement, assessing that the corruption in this sector is on an alarming level and hoping that the suggested measures will contribute to its being narrowed. Thus, they need to be implemented as soon as possible.

Мерките за стеснување на просторот за корупција во јавните набавки може да ги преземете овде или во делот извештаи.