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Fourth quarterly report on monitoring of public procurement for 2010

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Eligibility criteria for companies to participate intender procedures limit competition and favour certain bidders.

In almost half of the procedures monitored, only two companies submitted bids, which indicates continued trend on poor competition.

Inappropriate elements are used to evaluate bids submitted. Bid-ranking on the basis of delivery and payment deadlines and application of assessment elements that pertain to eligibility criteria continue to raise concerns in the field of public procurements.

In some cases, tender specifications are used to favour certain bidders. Some contracting authorities take actions in violation to Article 36 from the Public Procurement Law and by means of product requirements determine the procurement outcomein advance.

Problem related to tender annulment is only apparently decreased. Although the monitoring sample was marked by reduced number of annulled procedures, according to the electronic system’s data this number if is on the rise.