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Center for Civil Communications - Network for Transparency, Accountability and Integrity in Public Procurements (2018-2019)

Network for Transparency, Accountability and Integrity in Public Procurements (2018-2019)

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The overall objective of the action is to strengthen impact of civil society’s monitoring of public spending towards attainment of transparent and effective public procurements according to citizens’ needs. The action anticipates capacity building for grass-root CSOs across the country and their active involvement in monitoring of public procurements and initiation of dialogue with public institutions aimed at improving state-of-affairs in this field.

The specific objectives are: (1) active participation of CSOs in improving the legislation and introducing best practices in public procurements towards reduced corruption and enhanced effectiveness in public spending; (2) heightened understanding among stakeholders and the general public at national and local level about the need for greater transparency, accountability and integrity in public spending.


The action is expected to provide following results: established core of advocacy CSOs engaged in monitoring of public procurements by using the unified tool for measuring/assessing attainment of transparency, accountability and integrity standards in public procurements, to underpin their activities for transparent and effective public procurements according to citizens' needs; annual ranking/assessment of around 100 public institutions on national and local level, based on attainment of transparency, accountability and integrity standards in public procurements; recommendations to improve the system of public procurements, based on comprehensive research and inclusive consultations with stakeholders; and intensified public pressure on national and local authorities to improve legal regulations and practices related to public spending.

The project is financed by the European Union and it has been implemented by the Center for Civil Communications from Skopje in partnership with Focus Foundation from Veles, for the period of January 2017 to December 2019. The total budget is 298,840 EUR, while the EU contribution is 268,956 EUR. The project is part of the IPA Civil Society Facility and Media Programme 2015.