Active transparency index 2018

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Active transparency index 2018

The general degree of active transparency in Macedonia in 2018 remained low. The percentage of fulfillment of the obligations for active publication of information in all 97 participating institutions was 43.5% (out of 100%). The degree of active transparency in 2018 experienced a negligible rise compared to 2017 (when it averaged at 42.5%).

According to the ranking of active transparency, the most institutions, 35% fall into the group of 'average' active transparency, and the least, 2%, fall into the top group, the one exhibiting 'very good' active transparency.

Unlike the previous two years, this year, in general, ministries and the Government perform much better than the municipalities with respect to their active transparency. The municipalities occupy the first 2 positions of the ranking list, however the average score of all municipalities together experienced a drop to 39% from 41%, while the score of the ministries experienced a rise from 48% to 66%.

In terms of individual areas of active transparency - the institutions continue to publish most information on access to information, and least on budgetary and financial transparency.

In terms of regions, according to the average score, the best standing region is still the Pelagonia region, and the worst- the Polog region.

The municipalities responded within an average of 20 days, the ministries took 41 days to respond to the request for free access to public information sent to all on the same day and of the same content. 71% of the institutions responded to the request within the maximum statutory deadline of 30 days, а 29% sent a delayed response.