Deepening of the corruption

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The health care sector in the Republic of Macedonia is seriously endangered by various forms of corruption which take place in two segments: corruption in the supply of medicines, medical materials, and equipment and corruption in the provision of health services. This means that personal profit at the expense of the citizens is occurring in all areas of public health. The research has shown that the broad area for misuse of the health care sector is mainly due to the lack of clear procedures for the supplies, the exceptionally weak control of the manner in which the money of the public health users is spent, the misuse of the position that health and human life are at stake, as well as the great solidarity among the doctors and concealing the corruption, i.e. viewing it as a recompense for the low salaries as opposed to the high expertise. The deepening of the corruption in this sector can be greatly attributed to the absence of responsibility for the misuses done.

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